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This year, Fuji Rock Festival will be held at the Naeba Ski Resort in Naeba from 27th until 29th July 2018. Starting as early as 9:00 AM, the three-day festival will be headlined by musical acts from the legendary Bob Dylan to the conscious rapper Kendrick Lamar, as well as a long list of talented music acts to witness and discover. 

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Netflix -

All these shows and movies on Netflix and you still can't decide what to watch? Been there, done that. Summer is all about making the best of the hot sunny weather and all the free time you've got! But if you're in the mood to stay in, get comfy and binge-watch Netflix all day, we're here to make your day. Here are 7 Netflix shows we deem binge-worthy for your summer days (and nights)!

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Coldplay, Jason Mraz, kanye west, Taylor Swift, The Beatles -

Kanye West has it. So does John Mayer and Lorde.

We’re talking about synaesthesia, a condition that can make your brain perceive sound as colour and even smell. In the case of some musicians like West; he sees the colour blue, dark brown and purple when he is making music on various instruments.

Most of us may not have synaesthesia so we can’t see or experience sound the way some musicians do. Fortunately there are plenty of songs that can help you imagine colours in your own way.

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As the Internet rapidly paves the way for on-demand content, we’re no longer bounded by the need to wait for our favourite songs on the TV or radio. All we need to do is open YouTube, load the song, and let our eyes and ears in for a treat. This leaves the success indicator of a song at the mercy of YouTube view rates. Two years ago, if a song can get over 100M view rates, that would be an incredible feat. Nowadays, over 100M view rates are standard for a popular K-Pop group. So another indicator for real success is how long it...

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Think about some of today’s hits with really iconic drum samples. Songs where you hear the beat and you already know what song it is. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind”. Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”. The infamous intro for Bruno Mars’ award-winning “Finesse”. And then try to imagine a world with no percussion. No breakbeats, no gut-busting solos, no bold rhythms. To imagine a world without drums is to have fries without ketchup. You can have it that way, but there’s definitely something missing. But in today’s society where a full bar sample complete with all kinds...

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