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Kanye West has it. So does John Mayer and Lorde.

We’re talking about synaesthesia, a condition that can make your brain perceive sound as colour and even smell. In the case of some musicians like West; he sees the colour blue, dark brown and purple when he is making music on various instruments.

Most of us may not have synaesthesia so we can’t see or experience sound the way some musicians do. Fortunately there are plenty of songs that can help you imagine colours in your own way.

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The American music scene is full of surprises and that is exactly what makes it exciting. No matter where you may be from, we cannot escape the impact of American music have on us from the TV to radio. Each year, it is filled with so many great moments and this year has been equally as exciting even though we are only halfway there. From the good and the bad, we present you with some of the biggest 2018 moments in American music, so far.

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